The Black Hyenas
King Rocker

We are a mystery even unto ourselves... gnawing at the corpse of Rock & Roll, we regurgitate its rotting flesh to feed our young.

The highway is our home – roadkill our only sustenance. We slink through the shadows and move like ghosts through the fog... stare into our soulless eyes and you will know true terror of spiritual annihilation.

There is no future for The Black Hyenas... no past either. We wait for you at the crossroads, loosed from our bonds and ravening for blood. Soon we will feast on your succulent marrow...

  • Joystik - Lungs
  • Black Lily - Gut Bucket and Set List
  • King Rocker - Six String Razor
  • Luann Facemelter - Tubs & Pies
  • Trevor "Cryin' Wallslide" Duplessis - Harpoon